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“Respectfully Yours just completed the estate sale process for my mother’s home. It was a difficult process, as my mother lived in the same house for thirty years, and was a hoarder…every closet, drawer and cabinet was stuffed with items; yet the team remained positive, friendly and extremely informative throughout.

Jean and her assistants spent two and a half weeks in the house, organizing and pricing items (they even rented a dumpster to get rid of the “junk”) and then held the sale over a three day weekend. They moved all the valuable and big items, including two cars and many antiques.

I was especially comforted with their communication on email and by phone, as I live in another state than mom’s house. They forwarded pictures and listings, copies of advertising they did, and even their communication with mom’s neighbors. They utilized a list of over 1000 customers and dealers, which I am sure contributed to the success of the sale.

They even continued to provide service AFTER getting paid, by helping us with charitable contribution agencies, and another dumpster for lumber, etc. That is extremely rare among today’s businesses, in any field.

I had gotten Jean’s name and phone number from a high school friend who had had them do the estate sale for her mother and was very pleased. I can be added to that list of very happy clients, as they saved me many months of work, and many headaches.

Use Respectfully Yours Estate Sales with confidence…they are the greatest! I can be contacted for verbal references, if necessary.”


Joy Conway

Funwalls/nmverde LLC



“Dear Respectfully Yours,

Thanks for your leads regarding the dumpster and ARC. We took advantage of both. We had two Arc semi trucks on sight, with six employees; three people from Mom’s church, Roger and his friend and Frank and I…and we 13 got the whole house, garage and two sheds STRIPPED in two days. There is literally nothing left!

We took a 16 foot Penske truck home and filled a third storage unit for Mom and my Vintage and More store.

She will visit the storage units on Friday, after lunch, and see the deposit slip for $15,372…and we will drive back up to Denver on Monday to start the sale process on the house.

The only snafu was the freezer…we left it out on the driveway between the dumpster and the garage for Tobe and Jesse to pick up, and it was stolen before they got there.

Thank you again SO MUCH for doing such a great job. I have attached a letter of recommendation in two formats for your book. I hope you have continued success in your estate sale business…you gals really have the knack!”

Best Wishes,

Joy Conway



Hello Jean —

Hope this finds you well and enjoying the spring weather — at least temporarily.

Our friends, Julie and Rick Powers, know someone who’d like to talk with you about the specifics of an Estate Sale like ours. We’ve told them what a great job you did, and we know that you’ll be just as helpful to their friends.

By way of this e-mail I’m giving the Powers an e-mail contact for you. We trust you can arrange a meeting and go from there. Good luck with it.”

Thank You and Best wishes,

Margie and Don

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